Welcome to Digital Pitara

We are strategic digital marketing agency providing 360-degree Digital Marketing Services with a rare blend of technology and brand communication. With rich experience of over 15 years in dealing with iconic global brands and people across the industries like Consumer Durable, FMCG, Lifestyle, IT, Automobile etc, we have spent delightful time strategizing campaigns for offline media reaching out to diverse target group.

We have the competencies to kick off and deliver integrated digital marketing program with objectives of visibility, engagement and conversions as per the demand of brief.

Right from short term tactical digital campaigns to long term strategic digital solutions, from social profiling to micro site development, from season specific plan to cutting edge technological integration, from content curation to content creation, from social listening to creative engagement, from mobile app to Facebook app, from analytics to programmatic buying. We do it all as far as your digital presence is concerned. You name it and we can deliver it.

Our Approach

At Digital Pitara, we seek for powerful insights, inspired storytelling and finally, real time distribution. It helps us in building brands and delivers remarkable results to clients at every stage of their digital journey.

We have always believed in problem solution approach where we strategize according to the requirement of client prior offering digital solutions and help them achieve objective of growing consumer base with meaningful engagements. We take the learnt knowledge forward and to offer digital marketing solutions for meaningful engagement and growing consumer base on relevant social channels. Our strategies are based on core vision of brand, current standing, competition, market prospects as well as USP to devise effective strategies. Our unique approach allows us to set and achieve objectives without any big speed breakers during this journey.

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Our Showreel

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Why Digital Pitara?

We use our in-depth knowledge to understand your business and combine the technical and creative expertise to provide effective solutions for better ROI, improved brand experience to customers in digital space. Our key metrics for working on services are based on listening, tracking, analyzing and optimizing. We strongly believe in delivering desired results to our clients.

  • Each digital marketing service will be measurable and well optimized so as to track return on investment (ROI) in better manner
  • We will understand your business clearly before embarking on partnership and intend to deliver best possible results for your growth
  • We believe in creating and delivering 360° integrated solutions for your digital marketing campaigns
  • We constantly evaluate the performance of campaigns to stay ahead of the curve and achieve the KPIs
  • We will use our valuable resources to engage, generate leads and drive real conversions.


Strategic Digital marketing agency

We are a full service digital marketing agency that understand your business and create best strategy to accomplish your business objectives. We work in partnership and help in accelerating your growth by developing a strategic vision based on your goals and the needs of your audience. We are rare blend of strategic planning and abilities of on-ground translation to manage strategic as well as operational work. Our digital marketing team is available for creating measurable and multichannel strategies to establish a way forward for your presence in digital world. Establishing a way forward, whilst meeting corporate objectives and user requirements requires an integrated approach that brings together multiple marketing channels in a cohesive strategy.

Rich experience in devising campaign

Digital strategy requires efficiency and expertise of devising marketing campaigns to enable your brand and create an identity for business. We have in-depth knowledge of regional markets to enable dynamicity in our communication strategies for stupendous market penetration. Creating and implementing a campaign strategy need a comprehensive approach that reviews every aspect of business and current online presence. After thorough analysis, we ensure that opportunity is clearly from the outset and every strategy produced by us is tied back to original metrics for measuring the success accurately and optimization of maximum results.

High performance team

Engaged team deliver more than higher productivity and to reap higher results. The caliber of our team sets us apart from rest of the clan and builds the brand. We work together towards achievement of a common goal. Our team is engaged in well defined roles that complement their skills and talents, aligned with a common purpose, show innovation and collaboration consistently to produce superior results. Our team is tightly knitted, focused on their goals and have supportive processes that enables them to surmount any barriers in achieving the team's goals.

Understanding of consumer target group psyche

With our rich experience of multinationals across the industries, we have reached diverse target group like housewives in housing societies, youth in colleges, kids at schools, corporate executives in corporate parks, families at malls, elite segment at golf course, premium clubs, salons and many others for strategizing campaigns. Today is the age when consumer is there everywhere and it’s strategic to tap them where they are, be it online or offline. We have right set of strategies to catch the consumer in their permissible touch point in order to deliver the message effectively and in this decade, that way seems to be online, since most of our customers are, just like us, using the internet to create a digital media wave.

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