Online Led Offline Marketing

Today, businesses need combination of different marketing strategies and tactics for maximizing the potential of benefits. It will make no sense if people visit social platforms and cannot recognize the brand. This disconnect can turn off your prospects and cause you to miss on plenty of chances to engage with prospective customers.

The online led offline campaigns help in fading chasm between online and offline marketing. Many business titans are utilizing online and offline marketing strategies but with different departments as they see the two types of marketing with respective tactics. Is there any difference? Sure. Today, it is very common for people to see an advertisement on the side of a bus and instantly check it on social media for the same brand. Now, it is very important to have synchronization between your online and offline marketing strategies. Our unique approach is to make physical work go viral.

With improving era of online advertising, new methods are tested constantly to create efficiencies around buying ad space. Programmatic buying is powerful because it automates all processes and also, allows buyer to set specific parameters such as network reach, bid price etc. It will layer multiple parameters with audience data within the same platform. Do you want to achieve desired ROI by determining the right settings of your marketing campaign? We can assist you defining the budget, goals, and attribution model while adjusting dozens of variables in real time based on performance.

It is a fact that only 2 % of online users get converted in their first visit. With the use of programmatic buying, you can get rest of the 98 % potential customers back to the website and increase your rate of conversion. It is real time advertising to cater large number of targeted audience through catching the eyes of customers on browsed pages, learn about offerings and showing them customized ads of their interest and get maximum number of customers converted through one click on website.

Don’t shy away from the big words and the mechanical involvement, rather embrace it with open arms with our marketing and branding solutions designed to provide an overall technological integration. With us, you ensure that your marketing strategy is driving the technology rather than the other way round.

The next great idea is Virtual Reality to catch the captive audience and immerse them completely. Experience much higher forms of user engagement by offering enormous opportunities to interact with content to consumers. For the first time in history, marketers will immerse the consumers in experiences totally and boggle the mind incredibly. In this age of ad blocking, VR offers an entertaining and viewable experience to customers. Join the world of Augmented Reality Games with a live view of the real environment with video, sound, graphic effects etc. generated with the help of computers. Let the technology guide your path for these and many more activities by availing our technological integration services.

Video Marketing

We believe in the power of online video marketing and our team of experts is well aware of successful production, distribution, optimization and marketing of videos. The best practices of effective video marketing are followed to educate different classes of audience. We offer excellent combination of video marketing services for increasing your brand visibility and sales.

We follow current trends to make the things go viral. The concept is to integrate logic, emotions and thoughts to connect with consumers in well manner. Taking video marketing to next level that appeal with an innovative approach, the goal is to fuel the reach of your brand and we are here to help you achieve that goal.

Our online marketing team helps you to improve your marketing efforts through attractive video marketing solutions like motion, clay, stop motion, animation, voice over and augmented reality content video production. It will be a great experience for consumers to interact with your brand in real time.

Grow your business with modern content strategy. Content marketing strategy is essential for fuelling the power of all digital marketing channels. Every business needs to know that they need to get the content right as competition is really tough. We provide a planned approach of content strategy to assist our clients in leading the market.

Content marketing is conducted to attract and retain customers that helps in positioning the brand and ultimately, motivating the positive change. Every possible medium is utilized to generate awesome content and helps generating maximum profit for business. We help you to get over the challenges of creating and engaging outstanding content, making your content visible to target audience, extensive research of content according to you audience personas, converting lead to sales through relevant sharing of content, outreaching to partners and influencers for increasing your brand advocates and overall planning of integrated content distribution across different channels.

Design Strategy

Design strategy compliments your business strategies and creates powerful new opportunities for businesses to establish meaningful relationships. It also helps in aligning your efforts to support your business experiences.We help you design experiences to choreograph interactions between products and services of brand and people. The alignment of design efforts ensures the delivery of a cohesive experience, building strong and long-lasting customer relationships.

From concept to completion from strategy, conceptualization, design, and development, our team has all the creativity to deliver comprehensive designs. We think, develop and innovate to transform your business image. The quality is evaluated for your current product and service experience against evolving human needs, expectations in the market, defines a vision for evolution of brand, and finally, identifying memorable moments to differentiate your offering in the competitive market.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is one of the most trending things, and companies are looking forward to take advantages. If you are not one of them, you need to get on the trend soon or you will be left behind competitors. It`s a set of practices that enables enterprises to communicate and engage with their customers and audience in an interactive manner. It can be across channels like SMS, Voice, MMS, Video, In Game, WAP Banners, QR Code, USSD, Mobile coupons, Mobile Apps et al. You have got too many reasons to switch to mobile marketing like broader audience, complements conventional marketing, promote virtual reality, personalized advertising and so on.

We create everything from mobile apps, mobile games and campaigns, interactive widgets, mobile marketing programs and all that you will need. It helps in increasing brand awareness for products and services and improves business efficiency.

Website Revamping

User experience has been changed over the years. Are you using eye catchy headlines? Are you using meaningful graphics for brand promotion? Are your visitors finding what they want and clicking on it? Do you have easy to find options in your website? Are you able to convert website visitors into customers? Are you able to track activities of website visitors?

If your answer to any of the question is no, it’s high time to revamp your website and make it great. The first impression of website counts and converts too…!! We can redesign your website relevant to the visitors and target market. Often, redesigning of website is executed only with graphical or textual changes but in reality, it is very important to create and sustain the ranking of SEO while doing the job. We revamp the website to meet your online objectives i.e. increasing rates of conversion, driving huge traffic, gaining engagement of visitors, gain credibility, generating leads and ultimately, increasing sales. Our experts will help in redesigning the website to meet these goals.

Social Media Planning

You must be in need to make personal connections with your prospects and turn them into loyal customers. Then, social media is solution to everything you need. It is most interesting way to address the needs and wants of your customers. The key to engage with your audience with personal touch is to focus on right customer. Create and social media marketing plan with us and improve your customer engagement.

Our social media planning and buying team will help you in figuring out the ways to make most of every social media channel. Media buys are reaching to millions of customers and all you need is an optimized digital marketing mix and developed attribution model for attractive ROI. We get the things done with integrated approach, catching right eyeballs at right time, glocal capabilities and optimization of results.

Monitoring And Analytics

Conducting marketing campaign is a crucial component for any business. Without effective marketing strategies, the target audience won’t be informed about your offerings. However, marketing campaigns should not only be set but also, monitored through intense analytics. It is important to perform campaign monitoring and analysis to ensure the success of campaign performance. At Digital Pitara, important insights are utilized to drive core digital strategy and our data expertise enables us to extract insights from prospects, existing customers and competitors.

The digital marketing strategy is strongly backed by strong implementation skills and unlike many me-too digital marketing firms, we ensure easy and smooth digital strategy implementation for you. Our main focus is on data and analytics and solving analytical challenges. It includes tagging and digital implementation, dashboard management, analytical reporting and in-depth digital analytics. We ensure that the focus remains on producing actionable insights in the analysis reports.

Blogger Marketing

Blogger marketing is the next big thing in market and it is ultimately the practice of building relationships with the people who can build relationships for you. We help you reach influencer’s audience and extend your reach to consumers in every possible manner.

Today, word of mouth recommendations spread faster than fire and bloggers are people who are active participants on online as well as offline media. These people are true brand advocates and can be considered as niche promoters of brand. It is considered that “True influence drives action, not just awareness”

Social media and online marketing took the world by storm and many things have changed. Today, it is necessary to influence people socially if you want to be successful and that does not mean getting the same set of people to retweet your content and like your post again and again. But it means to draw attention of people and offer a way to interact with consumers and businesses.

Social Listening

Social listening is all about monitoring online media, searching the social space and overall web world to see topics of interest, competitors and every saying about the company. On an average, a single social network channel like Twitter has more than 500 million tweets every day and a big figure of 30 % mentioning the company name don’t include the Twitter handle. In fact, there are only 9 % tweets that get directed to the brand. Of course, it does not mean that consumers are leaving you out of conversation but in some cases, they are not aware that brand exists on particular social channel or may be, they are being lazy in tracking the right user name. Similarly, there are many more reasons for omitting the brand name but the consumers still expect response.

Today, when most of the companies consider that 70% of buying experiences are based on the feeling, response and treatment of customers, the statistics of gong customers unheard is very surprising. By actively listening your customers, mentioning them in discussions, more opportunities can be reaped to delight maximum customers and collect their valuable feedback. To achieve this, you have to ensure that all relevant communications are tracked regardless of variations in brand name.

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